PKN’s work covers all aspects of Thai law, a lot of that work revolves around investment protection. In any place where the laws and administrative structures are unfamiliar, clients want to know that their money will be safe. PKN works very closely with clients to find a way for them to invest in Thailand securely.

As well as legal services, we also offer corporate services such as company incorporation, provision of accounting and auditing services as well as some services which many companies do not offer such as specialist advice on tax matters, advice on international money laundering regulations, business planning including for loan applications, financial and debt advice, Will to protect client’s and their families’ investments in Thailand, and a corporate secretarial service.

Real Estate & Property

PKN can provide clarity in both the purchase and sale of a business, house, or land in Thailand. Ensuring you and your investment are clearly protected. PKN works very closely with clients to find a way for them to invest in Thailand, while also seeking to make sure that the investment structure created is understood by the client and where possible that real security has been taken to protect the investment made.

Commercial & Company

PKN offers a wide range of corporate services including the formation of a Thai Limited Company/partnership and associated matters relating to employment contracts, immigration and work permit issues. We provide a full service from start to finish, ensuring you clearly understand the process and what is required of you as a company owner in Thailand. We also offer a Tax & Accounting service in order to assist you with the rules and regulations of the Thai financial system.

Our Consultants can process the following for you:
  • Thai Company registration
  • Preferred Share Structures
  • Share Certificates and Shareholder Transfer Agreements
  • Corporate Tax returns, VAT Registration, Personal and Company ID tax cards, Tax & Accounting Services
  • Certified English Translation of Documents

If you have any legal questions regarding the set-up and registration of a Thai company or related corporate matters please call us at +66 (0) 77 962 455 or for a consultation.

Thailand Visa & Immigration

PKN ensures you understand and obtain appropriate Visas, and the implications with regards to your personal and or business needs.

PKN can assist with the application of visas and obtaining work permits for Thailand as below.

  • Business
  • Marriage
  • Retirement
  • Investor
  • Dependent
  • BOI Visa
Work Permit
  • Initial Application
  • Extension
  • Renewal
  • Cancellation

If you have specific questions relating to immigration and employment laws in Thailand or need assistance with your work permit, call us at +66 (0) 77-962 455 or please contact us directly at

Tax & Accounting

PKN aims to make your Tax and Accounting, whether it is personal or business, a painless experience by offering our Associate Accounting services. Ensuring your Accounting and Taxes are kept up to date is very important and PKN will keep you on the right side of the Thai law in all your accounting and tax affairs. As well as answering your questions about how your accounting works and what your balance sheet means.

Tax Registration
  • Corporate Tax
  • VAT Registration
  • Foreign Director
  • Annual Audit
  • Monthly P/L
  • Monthly Withholding
  • Monthly VAT
  • Half Yearly Corporate Tax
  • End of Year Corporate Tax

Family Law

PKN offers general advice on Family law matters such as registration of births, marriages and deaths in Thailand, advice and representation on relationship breakdown, divorce and custody matters as well as advice on property and families including pre-nuptial agreements and divorce settlements.

Civil & Criminal Law

PKNConsultants and Associateshave many years’ experience in handling and resolving legal difficulties and disputes, both civil and criminal law matters, in Thailand.

Civil Law Services
  • Disputes
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Wills
  • Personal Injury and Negligence
  • Debt Recovery
Criminal Law Services
  • Criminal Defense
  • Litigation

Understanding your rights within the Thai Law system and being properly advised of possible courses of action in case of legal disputes and litigation in Thailand is important. PKN will make certain your interests will be defended and upheld by law advocates with a clear understanding and knowledge of Thai law and culture, while at the same time ensuring our clients understand the Thai law system, process and possible outcome.