Welcome to PKN Legal & Business Consultancy

PKN offers quality legal and business advice from their location on Koh Samui, Thailand based in the Samui Town Center, Bophut. PKN’s extensive experience provides an international viewpoint with a realistic approach to the Thai law combined with expert local knowledge from our Thai Associates.

Karen Bone, Patchara (Nong) Punpool & Michelle Elliott

Senior Consultant Karen Bone has lived and worked on Samui for nearly 11 years and comes from a legal background in the UK where she specialised in contract and family law. Since coming to Samui she has also learned about Thai law and is able to advise on all company and business matters.

Consultant Patchara (Nong) Punpool assists with most company matters, with regards to government offices including visas and work permits, using her wealth of local knowledge and experience.

Office Manager Michelle Elliott ensures a smooth running operation and is the first point of contact for PKN’s clients.

Associate lawyer Vittaya Suttinoon is one of the most respected and longest serving lawyers on the island

With investments in any country where the laws and administrative structures are unfamiliar, clients want to know that their money will be safe. PKN works very closely with clients to find a way for them to put money into Thailand, while also being comfortable with the created legal structure and the security it provides for their money.

Living and working in a foreign country can also be very stressful and we will ensure that all of your legal requirements for working and staying in Thailand are met while also giving good advice on business options available such as business planning and accounting.

PKN ensures clients understand what to expect, what their options are and that they have no confusion about what they are paying for. We offer clear legal and business advice, at competitive rates, along with a healthy dose of western professionalism.

If you have a business/personal legal question that you would like answered, then please feel free to contact us at contact@samui-business-lawyer.com


Our consultants speak both English & Thai . We also have access to Translators in French , Dutch , German , Russian , Spanish ….